Protests in the US After No Winner

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In the United States, unrest seems to be growing now that the election results are delayed. Demonstrators have taken to the streets and arrests are reported in various places.


Large-scale unrest did not materialize during election night, although this had been taken into account. Several states had National Guard troops on standby, and entrepreneurs slammed the windows of their shops for fear of violence.

Observers think the unrest is now growing as votes are still being counted and some groups are disputing the results.

On social media, far-right groups are calling to confront left-wing protesters, sometimes with violence. President Trump, meanwhile, claims that an attempt is being made to “steal” the election.

In New York, Washington and Los Angeles, the left-wing group Protect The Results is organizing more than 100 protests. They insist on fair elections. Hundreds of protesters gathered in Central Park, New York, chanting “count every vote.”

“I don’t really want to be here, I just want to live my life,” a 59-year-old carpenter said at a protest in the city. “But if the president is trying to undermine every vote and have votes invalidated, you have to do something.”

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