President-Elect Joe Biden Also Wins in Arizona

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President-elect Joe Biden has also dragged into the state of Arizona. Various American media report this on Thursday (local time), and Edison Research predicts.


The victory in Arizona brings Biden to 290 electoral votes, while 270 is needed to win the presidential election.

With 99 percent of the vote counted, Biden has 49.4 percent, Trump accounts for 49.1 percent in Arizona.

So far, the Democrat has won over 11,000 more votes than his Republican rival. That lead would be enough to bring in the state and the associated eleven electors.

On Sunday, Trump’s campaign team filed another lawsuit in the southwestern state over allegedly falsely rejected ballots from Trump’s supporters.

Since Trump’s opponent, Joe Biden was declared the winner on Saturday, Trump has refused to acknowledge his loss and has launched a legal offensive to try to prove that the Democrats have committed fraud.

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