Premier May Tries to Reassure: “Trust Me”

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Premier May Tries to Reassure: “Trust Me”. The British Prime Minister Theresa May has emphasised that she can reach a reasonable agreement on the Brexit. “Trust me”, it sounded to the British. May tries to repair the breaches in her government about which path is best followed in the file.


According to the eMedium, the British government is divided on what kind of customs agreement Britain should maintain with Europe after its departure from the European Union.

The divisions were spearheading last week when British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson labelled a customs project that labelled May’s support as “madness.”

But May emphasises: “you can trust me”. “The way I am recording is the road that leads to the Brexit that the British voted for”, she says to the Sunday Times. “I will need your support to get there.” In return, my commitment to you is simple: I will not let you down. “

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