No Prosecution for Major Corona Outbreak in Ischgl Ski Resort

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Prosecutors in Austria have halted their investigation into the major corona outbreak in ski destination Ischgl, which is also popular among the Dutch.


According to Austrian media, justice confirms that no one will be prosecuted. Therefore, there would be no evidence that people have failed to do anything or have done anything criminal to allow the virus to spread.

In Ischgl, known as the Ibiza of the Alps, thousands of people were believed to have been infected last year. The virus was able to spread quickly in après-ski bars, among other places. The outbreak led to a chaotic exodus of holidaymakers. The authorities were later accused of sending tourists away too quickly, which allowed the coronavirus to spread to other countries.

Prosecutors in Innsbruck decided not to prosecute anyone earlier this year, but that decision has yet to be submitted to the Justice Department and other agencies. Stopping the investigation does not mean that the government’s legal problems are over. There are also civil lawsuits pending against people seeking compensation.

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