Nigeria Wants To Help Shell With Drones

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Nigeria Wants to help Shell with Drones to Protect Pipelines. The Nigerian Air Force is ready to assist Shell with drones in protecting pipelines and installations in the African country, as soon as the oil and gas company would ask for it.


That is what air force commander Sadique Abubakar said in the Nigerian newspaper This Day. Shell regularly struggles with problems in Nigeria because of oil pollution, says EYE News.

On the Nigerian mainland, oil pipelines are often drained and sabotaged according to the oil company, resulting in massive pollution.

The Nigerian Air Force has recently purchased new unmanned aerial equipment. According to the head of the air force, these drones can be used for policing and for example monitoring of pipelines.

The so-called Tsaigumi’s possibly uses day and night. They can fly for ten hours in a row at a few kilometres altitude and with a range of 100 kilometres,

 so Abubakar, signifying that they have already discussed all this with the Shell summit in Nigeria.

Critics blame the massive environmental damage in Nigeria for obsolete pipelines and negligence on the part of Shell. In Africa, Nigeria is the largest oil exporter.

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