New Zealand Bought More Than 10,000 Weapons after Attacks in Christchurch

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In less than a month, the New Zealand government has already purchased ten thousand weapons that have become illegal. However, there is still opposition to the approach.


In two mosques of New Zealand’s Christchurch, 51 people were shot dead in March by an Australian shooter who believes in the superiority of the white race. He did that with a weapon that he had legally purchased in New Zealand.

Politicians responded by immediately banning automatic and semi-automatic weapons, and by way of compensation (and to remove them from circulation), they are now buying them en masse.

The buy-back program, for which around USD 100 million was set aside and started in July, is a success. So far 10,242 weapons have been purchased.

Among other things, 90 collection moments were set up throughout the country, where 7,000 weapon owners were present.

Some people have hoarded weapons and ammunition in recent months, anticipating stricter legislation.

The hunting and weapon associations remain, opponents of the collection campaign, partly because they think the prices paid are too low.

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