New Corona Peak in Indonesia Raises Questions about Chinese Vaccine

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Concerns in Indonesia, where the corona infections are swinging again and hospitals are filling up again. The government is fully committed to vaccinations, but at the same time, there are doubts about the Chinese Sinovac vaccine with which that happens.


“Efficiency may only be around 51 percent and may even be lower with new variants.”

The corona situation in Indonesia is “worrying”, says our correspondent on site Annemarie Kas in “The morning” on Radio 1. “The number of new infections has been running fast in recent days. Yesterday there were more than 12,000 new infections, a record. than 4,000 of them were registered in the capital Jakarta.”

The hospitals are also filling up again, Kas sees. “Images circulated on social media of people queuing at the large covid hospital in the city.”

In Indonesia, too, the Indian “delta variant” of the coronavirus is causing the new outbreak. “It is much more contagious and therefore spreads much faster. The government is trying to find an answer: partly through vaccinations, partly via possibly stricter measures. Only really stricter lockdowns are difficult here because the economic interests are considered great here. “

The higher number of infections is partly because the population no longer follows Kas suspects’ rules. “A few weeks ago, there was the Sugar Fest, at the end of Ramadan, where people went to visit their families all over the country. That certainly plays a role.”

Vaccinate quickly, then? In Indonesia, 33.3 million of the approximately 270 million inhabitants have had the first shot, 11.8 million people have been fully vaccinated. That is only 4.4 percent of the population.

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