Nearly Half of the Capacity of Hyperscalers is in the US

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The number of large data centres of hyperscale providers increased to 700 in the third quarter. Half of that capacity is in the United States.


This should be apparent from figures from Synergy Research Group. Data centres in the US represent 49% of the global hyperscaler workload. That is a decrease of one percentage point compared to last year’s same period.

After the US, China is the largest contributor to hyperscale data centre capacity. The country accounts for 15% of the total. The remaining capacity is spread across the rest of the APAC region (13%), EMEA region (19%) and Canada/Latin America (4%).

It is striking in the figures that the total capacity of hyperscale data centres has increased enormously, much faster than new data centres are added. The average capacity per data centre has therefore increased.

The research by Synergy Research Group should show, among other things, that the major cloud providers, predictably, have the largest footprint in data centres: Amazon, Microsoft, Google and IBM. Each has 60 or more data centre locations and at least three in each of four regions: North America, APAC, EMEA, and Latin America.

Oracle, Alibaba and Tencent also have an extensive presence in the data centre. Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook are the leading companies in terms of data centre capacity. However, the Chinese hyperscalers are growing the fastest, especially ByteDance, Alibaba and Tencent.

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