Moscow is Building Emergency Clinics Due to An Increasing Number of Corona Patients

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Moscow is setting up emergency hospitals to accommodate the rapidly growing number of corona patients in the city.


The deputy mayor told state news agency TASS to be there in about twenty days. The operation must yield a total of 10,000 beds.

Moscow, with about half of the identified infections, is considered to be the epicentre of the corona outbreak in Russia.

Although the total number of detected infections in Russia is officially at 145,268, Mayor Sergei Sobjanin thinks that 2 percent of Muscovites are already infected with the coronavirus. That’s about 250,000 people.

In Russia, curfews and entry bans apply to foreigners. President Vladimir Putin extended lockdown measures last week.

The Russians are also informed about their lifestyle by the government. Health Minister Mikhail Murashko complained that alcohol consumption in Russia has risen 2 to 3 percent since the curfew has been enacted.

“Alcohol does not help treat viral infections, especially the coronavirus,” said Mashashko, who warned on state television that alcohol weakens the immune system.

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