More Than 90,000 People Have to Flee Due to California Fires

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More than 90,000 people have to leave their homes in the vicinity of the American city of Los Angeles because of wildfires.


Hundreds of thousands of other California residents are without power. Two firefighters suffered severe burns.

Two major fires are raging in the area. These are the Silverado Fire outside the city of Irvine and the Blue Ridge Fire near the town of Yorba Linda. “It’s insane. Even in the car, my eyes, nose and throat sting,” said a French employee of a company in Irvine.

The fire destroyed an area of thousands of acres, but no buildings are known to go up in flames. Electricity companies have cut off the power supply to hundreds of thousands of households as a precaution. This is to prevent a fire from breaking out due to damage to electrical cables.

California has been battling devastating wildfires for months. More than 16,000 square kilometres of land have been destroyed since the beginning of the year. Thousands of homes went up in flames, and more than thirty people were killed.

Authorities in the state have linked it to climate change. The drier weather could cause fires to spread more quickly.

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