More Than 600,000 Corona Deaths in Russia

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Russia has passed the limit of 600,000 corona deaths, reports Reuters news agency based on its own calculations. The death toll is only higher in the United States (813,000) and Brazil (618,000).


The latest deaths are due to infections with the delta variant of the coronavirus. So far known, the more contagious variant omikron is not yet widespread in Russia.

Although the country has developed five corona vaccines itself, many residents do not want to be vaccinated. Less than 48 percent of the population is fully vaccinated.

Reuters relies on data from the Rosstat statistics office and the health authorities in Russia. However, Rosstat has so far only published figures up to and including October in monthly overviews in which excess mortality is calculated.

For November and December, Reuters used data from the health authorities. They report daily how many official corona deaths have been reported.

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