More Than 4 Billion Euros in Damage to Ukrainian Agriculture

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The agricultural sector in Ukraine has already suffered 4.3 billion dollars, converted 4.1 billion euros, in damage as a result of the Russian invasion.


So say researchers from the Kyiv School of Economics in a report. This concerns, for example, damage to agricultural land and machines and the loss of livestock.

They speak in the investigation of “immense damage” to agriculture from the war. About half of the damage was caused by farmland contaminated with mines and ammunition, which prevented crops from being harvested. A quarter was caused by damage to agricultural machinery such as tractors.

The researchers say it will take hundreds of millions of dollars to clear mines and ammunition. In addition, an estimated 5.7 million chickens have died as a result of war and because farmers were unable to feed their animals. In addition, $613 million worth of grain was stolen from Ukraine and transported to Russia, the report said.

The authors of the study think Ukraine’s economy could shrink by as much as 45 percent this year. Tens of millions of people in the world are threatened with famine due to disruptions to grain supplies from Ukraine and damage to the agricultural sector. Due to the Russian blockade of Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea, much less can be exported.

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