Missing Submarine Crew Indonesia Has Oxygen Until Saturday

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The crew of the missing Indonesian submarine will have oxygen at least until Saturday. The Navy reported this, which has started an extensive search to locate the 44-year-old KRI Nanggala 402.


The submarine with 53 crew members disappeared on Wednesday during exercises north of Bali. The submarine had requested permission to dive and then contacted was lost. Leaked oil was later found, indicating possible damage on board.

The Indonesian Navy has sent six ships and a helicopter to the area to search for the submarine. The search focuses on the area where the leaked oil was found. France, Germany, the United States and Australia have also offered assistance.

Malaysia and Singapore have already sent ships. They will arrive in the coming days. This includes the vessel MV Swift Rescue, a specialized rescue vessel. Experts do not rule out that rescue is no longer possible when the submarine is at a depth of 700 meters.

The vessel is not made for that depth.

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