Microsoft Warns Customers of Cloud Software Leaks

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Microsoft has warned thousands of customers who use cloud computing within their company of a security vulnerability. This is reported by news agency Reuters based on an email that Microsoft has sent to customers.


Potential intruders could have viewed, modified or even deleted entire databases of companies.

The vulnerability was in the so-called Cosmos DB database of Microsoft Azure. A team from Israeli security firm Wiz discovered it could access keys that control access to thousands of companies’ databases. More than 3,300 Microsoft customers have been exposed to the threat, according to the Israelis.

Among those customers are large American companies, including oil and gas company ExxonMobil and soft drink company Coca-Cola.

The email from Microsoft states that the company “has no evidence that third parties outside the researcher (Wiz) had access.” The leak, which would have existed for about two years, was patched earlier this month after Wiz notified Microsoft.

Microsoft plays a major role in the cloud with its Azure services. In addition, the company recently presented the latest version of its Windows operating system, which can also run entirely in the cloud. With this, Microsoft is responding to companies that want to offer to work from home or find it difficult to run all software on different types of computers.

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