‘Microsoft Is Updating Office Worldwide’

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‘Microsoft is Updating Office worldwide after a Privacy complaint in the Netherlands.’ Microsoft plans to update its office service Office ProPlus worldwide in April to meet the privacy matters of the Dutch government, according to the reports this Friday.


The Ministry of Justice and Security announced in November that the use of the Microsoft product posed a risk,

 because users have no control over which diagnostic data transmitted to the United States.

Microsoft and the ministry agreed in October to implement the update for the Dutch government,

 but Microsoft has not made it known that other users will not get an adapted version.

It would give all Microsoft Office ProPlus users more privacy options.

Microsoft Office ProPlus involves multiple office services, such as word processor Word,

 spreadsheet editor Excel, presentation editor PowerPoint and e-mail service Outlook.

“In the following weeks, we will take further steps to make it apparent to customers what data is going to Microsoft and why,

 and where data sharing is optional,” states Microsoft top executive Julie Brill.

The Ministry of Justice and Security states that the government can still go to European privacy regulators,

 if Microsoft’s measures prove inadequate after April.

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