Microsoft Comes With Surface Pro for Businesses

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Microsoft has announced a business version of its Surface Pro 7, the company’s two-in-one computer.


The new device will be called Surface Pro 7+ and is an update of the existing devices. For example, the plus version has a larger battery and more storage space in the form of an SSD component that you can remove.

Support for LTE is also provided for the first time.

With the new device, Microsoft hopes to capitalize on the ‘working remotely’ trend. The company is specifically targeting schools and larger companies that now need to provide a range of employees and students with the necessary connectivity at home.

The Surface Pro series consists of hybrid devices and has been around for a while and has barely changed in terms of appearance over the years.

The tablets are equipped with a stand, and you can turn them into a laptop with the addition of a keyboard and an optional mouse.

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