Merkel: Lockdown Doesn’t Take A Day Longer Than Necessary

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German Chancellor Merkel has assured the Bundestag that the lockdown measures will not last a day longer than necessary.


She is under fire because, according to her critics, she is doing everything she can to make the lockdown last as long as possible. In the latest consultation with state prime ministers on Wednesday, she failed to extend the restrictions on freedom of movement until March 14.

Ultimately, March 7 has been set as a target date for a start of easing. But Merkel was able to convince the prime ministers of the necessity that there should be no more than 35 infections per 100,000 inhabitants per week to ease.

Merkel puts forward the new variants of the virus as the main argument. The Prime Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate, the Social Democrat Malu Dreyer, complained after the consultation that the Chancellor does not want to talk about any relaxation at all.

“And people are devastated” by the corona measures, Dreyer said. According to Wolfgang Kubicki of the opposition FDP party, “Merkel is openly violating fundamental rights”.

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