Merkel Insists on EU Cooperation in Last Bundestag Speech

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In her last speech in the Bundestag on Thursday, Angela Merkel called for better cooperation within the European Union. According to the German chancellor, the corona approach was too nationalistic, and a debate about the lessons to be learned is an excellent first step.


Merkel’s speech served as a preview of the EU summit in Brussels, mainly dominated by Russia’s relationship. This summit may be Merkel’s last as head of government.

Merkel, 66, will step down from politics after the elections in September and retire after 16 years as chancellor. This is the last week of normal parliamentary sessions until the elections. Wednesday was Merkel’s last question time.

In her speech, Merkel called European cooperation necessary, including in terms of attitudes towards Russia. “We need to come up with mechanisms to respond to Russian provocations collectively.” Backed by French President Emmanuel Macron, she proposes an EU summit with President Vladimir Putin on cooperation in areas of common interest, such as public health and climate.

Merkel also emphasized once again that vaccine patents should not be released. In doing so, she goes against the position of US President Joe Biden, who will meet Merkel in July.

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