Many Melbourne Businesses Have to Close Due to Corona Outbreak

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Many companies in the Australian state of Victoria have to close their doors late on Wednesday evening. The authorities hope that this measure will prevent further spread of the coronavirus.


The new lockdown rules mean, according to broadcaster ABC, that thousands of businesses in the metropolis of Melbourne must close. These include hairdressers, factories, call centres and shops.

Banks, petrol stations, liquor stores, post offices, pharmacies and supermarkets will remain open.

“That means people don’t have to run errands for six weeks,” emphasizes Regional Prime Minister Daniel Andrews, who wants to prevent residents from hoarding again.

He acknowledged that it could not be guaranteed that all conventional products will be on the shelves, but he believes essential goods will remain in stock.

Some companies may remain open but must adjust their working methods. For example, workers in slaughterhouses must wear protective suits.

They also have to have their temperature measured, and they are tested for the virus. The distribution centres in Melbourne and construction projects, for example, require a smaller occupation.

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