Many Dutch Companies Are Not Prepared For Brexit Yet

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Many Dutch companies are not Prepared for Brexit yet. Dutch companies are not yet adequately prepared for Brexit, according to a survey by the Chamber of Commerce (KVK) on Wednesday. Almost 40 percent is not prepared at all.


The survey among the members of the KVK Entrepreneur Panel shows that 15 percent of entrepreneurs have prepared well. Around 46 percent is ‘somewhat prepared’.

According to the KVK, there is a significant relationship between the impact that entrepreneurs expect from Brexit and how well prepared they are.

If an entrepreneur hopes a lot of effects, he makes himself.

Entrepreneurs for whom the impact is unclear have often not prepared.

KVK chairman Claudia Zuiderwijk said preparation is essential.

It is clear that doing business with the United Kingdom will change mainly,

 and entrepreneurs will have to deal with things that they are not used to, such as customs formalities.”

Consequences are not clear
About 80 percent of all entrepreneurs doing business with the United Kingdom expect Brexit to affect their business.

But what those consequences look like is not clear to half of these entrepreneurs.

More than a third of all entrepreneurs rate the business prospects about the United Kingdom as bad or terrible.

37 percent of entrepreneurs expect a decrease in exports and 35 percent a reduction in imports.

Worry about Brexit
The entrepreneurs are furthermore worried about additional red tape by Brexit (68 percent),

 levies and taxes (54 percent), import duties (51 percent), future differences in law and regulations (51 percent) and obstacles at the border (49 per cent).

Many entrepreneurs are neutral about the outlook.

It could also be due to the lack of certainty about the exact impact of Brexit, the researchers write.

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