Major Incidents Continue at First Elections in Iraq

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Major Incidents Continue at First Elections in Iraq. For the primary parliamentary elections in Iraq after the military victory over Islamic State (IS), few voters seem to have been challenged. According to the electoral commission, the turnout in some electoral circles around noon was barely 20 to 30 percent, according to local media.


Unofficial figures circulating in the Iraqi press at the closing of the polling stations at 18.00 local time meanwhile report turnout figures ranging from 40 percent to 80 percent. Major incidents did remain, reports City News Journal.

The absence of incidents does not mean, however, that the ballot process went smoothly everywhere. According to the local media, several polling stations were only able to open the doors later due to problems. Also in some places, the new electronic voting system would have failed.

In the autonomous region of Kurdistan, the number of people who cast a vote was the highest. Voters were urged to cast a vote to ensure the presence of sufficient Kurdish representatives in the Iraqi Parliament. Also, the enthusiasm for the elections turned out to be great in the former IS stronghold Mosul.

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