Macron wants Framework and Rules for Islam in France

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The French president Emmanuel Macron wants to establish ‘a framework and rules’ for Islam in France. They must ensure that this religion is professed everywhere in a manner that complies with legislation, Macron said Monday in a speech for both parliamentary chambers.


“The Republic has no reason to have problems with Islam, no more than with a different religion,” said the head of state at the Versailles castle. “But there is a radical, aggressive tendency, which aims to question our rules and laws.”

According to the Citi News, France has been the victim of a series of Islamic terrorist attacks in recent years and has long been questioning how radicalisation can be prevented. The strict separation of church and state also makes cooperation with official Islamic institutions difficult.

For example, the French government can not finance theological training. The previous socialist government had also attempted to reposition the French Islamic institutions.

Macron said that everyone should realise that in France freedom of thought, freedom from criticism, equality between women and men are ‘inviolable principles’. “And I know that the huge majority of our Muslim countrymen realise, share and support that,” he said.

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