Lost Man Bones Found in Berlin, Possibly Cannibalism

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A missing German man whose remains were found in Berlin may have been a victim of cannibalism. A spokesman for the Berlin prosecutor said this, without giving further details.


A 41-year-old suspect has been taken into custody on suspicion of “sexual murder”.

The crime came to light after bone fragments were found ten days ago in a wooded area in Berlin.

It was found to be the remains of a 44-year-old German who has been missing since September 5. An investigation by the police revealed that he had been the victim of a crime.

Police said the man had left his Berlin apartment shortly before midnight and disappeared without a trace. Investigations by the homicide squad and the prosecutor’s office later led to the suspected perpetrator.

In a high-profile case in 2006, a German man known as the ‘Rotenburg Cannibal’ was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing and partially eating a victim in the northern German city of Rotenburg.

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