Largest Chip Manufacturer in the World Still Expects Capacity Shortages in 2022

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The Taiwanese company TSMC, the largest manufacturer of computer chips in the world, also expects a capacity shortage in the sector next year.


Demand for semiconductors remains unprecedentedly high, and it sounds in the margins of the quarterly results.

The group expects its turnover to grow by 24 percent this year, which is slightly more than previously announced. In the months of July to the end of September, TSMC earned 14 percent more, to 156 billion Taiwan dollars.

Sales rose 16.3 percent to a record level of 414.7 billion Taiwan dollars.

The capacity shortages lead to production problems in several sectors, especially the automotive sector. TSMC will invest heavily in extra capacity in the coming years. But the construction of new factories, including in Japan, costs a lot of money, and it usually takes a few years before they run at full speed.

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