Kim Kardashian Addresses At The White House

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Kim Kardashian Addresses at the White House. Kim Kardashian gave a speech at the White House on Thursday evening.


In her speech, the reality star supported former prisoners.

Kardashian also announced in the presence of US President Donald Trump,

 a new project that will help former detainees to stay on the right path and get a job after release.

“Everyone wants our community to be safe, and the more help we offer these prisoners, the safer everyone is,” said the reality star.

It was not the first time that Kardashian visited the White House.

Last year Trump pardoned a prisoner after a discussion with the reality star.

After the release of Alice Marie Johnson, Kardashian announced that she would continue with her activism.

Reality star released seventeen prisoners
In recent months, the reality star, together with lawyers, managed to release seventeen prisoners.

In all cases, it concerned people who had been convicted of relatively small,

 mostly drug-related offences and had been given long sentences for them.

In addition to her attempts to legally assist detainees, Kardashian plans to make a television program on the subject.

She has also recently started a four-year law study.

Kardashian’s father Robert was also a lawyer.

He stood among others O.J. Simpson at.

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