Kamala Harris Official Candidate for Vice President of the United States

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US Senator Kamala Harris formally accepted the nomination as vice president candidate on Wednesday evening (local time).


She is the first black woman in United States history to run for the position on behalf of a major party.

Speaking to the Democratic convention, she said that the “United States needs a president who will bring all Americans together and not tear the country apart like current President Donald Trump is doing now.”

“We now have a president who uses tragedies as a political weapon. Joe Biden will be a president who will face our challenges. The road ahead will not be easy. We may stumble.

But I promise you that we will be brave and honest. We will act. We will speak the truth. And we will act with the same confidence in you that we ask you to place in us. It’s not about Joe and me, it’s about all of us. “

Joe Biden, who will take on Trump on November 3, will officially accept his candidacy Thursday with a speech to the Democratic convention, concluding the four-day event, which took place mainly online.

The Republicans will hold their convention from Monday, August 24, at which Donald Trump and Mike Pence will accept their candidacy just like four years ago. Due to the coronavirus, this meeting will also be large without an audience and will be held online.

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