Johnson: Churchill Memorial Threats Absurd and Shameful

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson considers it “absurd and embarrassing” that protesters are threatening to destroy the monument of War Prime Minister Winston Churchill (1874-1965).


The London statue was packed as a precaution after protesters previously labelled the pedestal with the text “was a racist.”

Johnson lashed out at the protesters who had defaced the image on Twitter. “Yes, Churchill sometimes said things that would be unacceptable today,” Johnson admitted. “But he’s wholly deserved his monument.

We can’t revise or censor our past. We can’t pretend we have a different history,” said Johnson, who called for not going to demonstrations this weekend.

“We all understand the legitimate outrage at what happened in Minnesota,” Johnson said in the wake of George Floyd’s violent death on police arrest in the US city of Minneapolis late last month.

“As much as we have made progress in fighting racism in our country, and that is a huge amount, we all realize there is still a lot of work to be done.”

According to Johnson, the demonstrations against racism and police brutality against minorities have “unfortunately been hijacked by extremists who want to commit violence.”

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