Israeli Govt Gives Green Light to Controversial Cable Car Over Jerusalem

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Israeli Govt Gives Green Light to Controversial Cable Car Over Jerusalem. The Israeli government is releasing 43 million euros for a new tourist cable car to connect West Jerusalem and the east of the city – Palestinian territory occupied by Israel. That is what the Israeli Tourism Minister Yariv Levin announced today.


The statement comes on the eve of the official relocation of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, something that the Palestinians are not happy with. They consider East Jerusalem as the capital of their future country, posts Week News.

Israel annexed that part of the holy city along with the West Bank after the six-day war in 1967, but the international fellowship has never recognised it. Jerusalem is their indivisible capital for the Jewish state.

The new tourist cable car is seen as a further provocation. It will be 1.4 kilometres long and should be completed by 2021. The line leaves West Jerusalem via the Mount of Olives to the Lion Sport, which is closest to the Wailing Wall in East Jerusalem. Every hour, 3,000 people in every direction should be able to use it.

“This project will change the appearance of Jerusalem and offer tourists and visitors comfortable access to the Wailing Wall in the Old City,” said tourism minister Yariv Levin.

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