Israel Cancels Almost All Corona Measures

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Israel cancelled almost all measures against the coronavirus on Tuesday because fewer and fewer people are becoming infected, and the number of seriously ill people has also fallen sharply.


The eases were announced a week ago.

Only the mouth cap obligation in public indoor spaces and the entry restrictions still apply. Furthermore, all measures have been abolished. There is no longer a maximum number of guests in the catering industry, just like with other events such as performances.

Israel worked for a while with a vaccination passport with which you could previously gain access, for example, the catering industry if you had been vaccinated against the coronavirus. That is no longer in effect. Everyone can now fully participate in public life again.

In Israel, things did not go well at the beginning of the corona crisis, and many new infections were added quickly. On December 19, the country started vaccinating, and that is going very quickly.

Due to a large number of vaccinations, the number of new infections and seriously ill has fallen sharply. On Tuesday, four new infections were reported, the lowest number since the virus was first identified in Israel.

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