iPhone 12 Makes Apple (temporarily) the Largest Smartphone Seller

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2020 was a bad year for smartphone sales. But Apple and Xiaomi are the only ones to grow. Huawei is sinking, though.


In the fourth quarter of 2020, 384,622,300 smartphones were sold worldwide. That is 5.4 percent less than in the same period in 2019. With almost eighty million devices, Apple sold the most smartphones.

It had been since the end of 2016 that the company was able to take first place, according to figures from market analyst Gartner.

Samsung follows in second place, good for 16.2 percent market share or 62 million devices. Xiaomi takes third place with an 11.3 percent market share or 43.3 million devices. OPPO is fourth with 34 million devices, and Huawei is just below that.

The ranking of the largest smartphone players looks very different from normal. On the one hand, Apple and Xiaomi are the only growers. Apple was able to boost its popularity with the launch of the iPhone 12, which was available from last quarter.

At the same time, it is striking that Huawei is doing a lot worse in Western markets now that it cannot offer Android apps on its devices.

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