Imprisoned Opposition Leader Navalny Regrets Nothing

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Alexei Navalny, the well-known Russian corruption fighter and critic of President Putin’s government, has been incarcerated for a year but has no regrets. “I got a year in prison but regret nothing.


I repeat: don’t be afraid because this is our country, and we have no other country.” Navalny delivered the message via social media. It will be exactly one year ago on Monday that he was arrested at a Moscow airport after returning from Germany.

The opposition leader was paroled after controversial convictions in an old corruption case. But according to justice, he violated the conditions for his release with the trip to Germany. So a year ago, it was decided that he had to be incarcerated for another 2.5 years.

Navalny was being nursed in Germany after being seriously poisoned in eastern Russia while travelling to coordinate opposition to Putin. Navalny accuses the Kremlin of the poisoning. However, Russia says it can no longer conduct a proper investigation into the attack on Navalny because Germany refuses to cooperate.

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