Human Rights: Israel is Guilty of Apartheid Against Palestinians

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Israel is guilty of apartheid against Palestinians and must be prosecuted for this, Human Rights Watch said. The human rights organization reports that in a report published Tuesday on the policy of the Israeli government and the treatment of Palestinians.


Human Rights Watch emphasizes using the term apartheid under the Rome Statute and the United Nations Apartheid Treaty. This means that inhumane acts are carried out to dominate one racial group while another racial group is systematically oppressed.

The report states, among other things, that Israelis in the West Bank and Gaza Strip have been given “superior status” by the Israeli authorities over Palestinians from the same area. For example, the researchers report that Palestinians have less freedom of movement than Israelis. The rights of Palestinians are also being violated outside these areas.

Human Rights Watch calls on Israel to end the country where Palestinians are oppressed, and Israelis have privileges. The human rights organization hopes that the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, which is already investigating possible war crimes in the Palestinian territories, will consider the issue. The United Nations is called upon to establish a commission of inquiry.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry’s initial response calls the report a “propaganda pamphlet” coming from an organization “that has been actively promoting boycotts against Israel for years.”

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