Hong Kong Interior Minister Resigns Over Corona Times

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Caspar Tsui, Hong Kong’s interior minister, resigned on Monday. He thus takes his responsibility after participating in a birthday party in early January, where two of the approximately 200 guests tested positive for the coronavirus.


According to Tsui, he has misbehaved when all efforts should have been directed to contain the spread of the virus.

The party, which was also attended by police chief Raymond Siu and Au Ka-wang, chief of the Immigration Department, has sparked stinging criticism among Hong Kong residents. Shortly before that, the health authorities of the special administrative region had called on the population to avoid large gatherings.

Hong Kong Prime Minister Carrie Lam also did not like the fact that prominent politicians took part in the birthday party. According to her, they neglected their exemplary role.

Hong Kong has a strict zero-covid policy with strict entry restrictions. In recent weeks, however, daily infection rates have been rising.

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