Group of Russian Children Arrested for Leaving Flowers at Ukrainian Embassy

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Moscow police arrested a group of Russian children on Tuesday evening after leaving flowers at the Ukrainian embassy in the Russian capital. That reports Newsweek.


“Children, war and a police car,” Alexandra Arkhipova, a lecturer at Moscow State University, wrote on Facebook. According to Arkhipova, two women and five children – aged between 7 and 11 – wanted to put flowers and a message of peace on a cardboard sign at the Ukrainian embassy on Tuesday evening.

They were then allegedly arrested by the police and taken in a combination to a nearby police station. There the whole group was put in a cell. “The phones of the parents were taken,” it continues. “The officers yelled at them, threatened these brave mothers and their children, and screamed that they would lose their parental rights.”

A few hours later, Arkhipova wrote that the group had been released but that they would have to appear before a judge. It is not clear what the group is accused of. Group demonstrations are prohibited in Russia; only individual protests are allowed. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it has been reported that 2,000 to 6,000 people have been arrested in protests in several Russian cities.

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