Greece Will Pay Back The Multi-Billion Dutch Loan

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Greece will Pay back the Multi-billion Dutch Loan from 2020 Onwards. From 2020, the Netherlands will receive the 2.8 billion pounds that were lent to Greece ten years earlier.


Athens has until 2041 the time to repay the amount.

According to reports, based on data from the Ministry of Finance and the European Commission.

The 2.8 billion falls under the 47.4 billion pounds that fourteen eurozone countries borrowed from the southern European nation,

 at the beginning of the Greek crisis happened before there was a European emergency fund.

The money did not come from the treasury but was collected by the Netherlands on the financial markets and lent to Greece.

There is no question of the use of taxpayers, says the Ministry of Finance against the reports.

The interest that the Netherlands receives on the amount must increase from 2.6 million pounds this year to over 17.9 million in 2020 and nearly 27 million in 2021.

These are estimates based on interest rate approximations made by the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB).

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