Great Britain Decides on Scrapping Corona Measures

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The British government will decide on Monday whether the remaining corona measures will be a thing of the past as of July 19. After that, it’s about keeping your distance and holding large gatherings.


The mask obligation in public transport and the advice to work from home will also be cancelled. People should be “well informed” to decide for themselves what precautions they take.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the long-awaited and previously postponed easing at a press conference a week ago. This is possible thanks to the “successful” vaccination program, which started earlier in the United Kingdom than in other countries. As a result, the country can continue in a week’s time on the route to more freedoms.

If the decision becomes final, nightclubs and restaurants will no longer have maximum visitor numbers. This puts an end to the “legal dictate” of restrictions on public life, the prime minister said earlier. However, he says he continues to wear a mouth cap in busy places “out of protection and courtesy”.

The authorities believe that abolishing the measures is feasible now that 65 percent of adults have been fully vaccinated. However, there is concern about the highly contagious Delta variant. Tens of thousands of new corona infections are now reported every day.

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