Governor: Chernihiv Bombed All Night Despite Russian Promises

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The city of Chernihiv in northern Ukraine has been bombed “all night”. The governor of the region of the same name announced this on Wednesday, despite Russia’s announcement a day earlier that it would reduce its military activities in the region.


“Chernihiv has been shelled by artillery and planes all night,” Governor Viacheslav Chaus told Telegram. He also said civilian infrastructure had been destroyed, and the city was still without water and electricity.

The city, which had a population of 280,000 before the war, is “without means of communication, and we cannot restore them,” he added on television. He also referred to the attacks on Nizhny Novgorod in the same region.

Russia had pledged on Tuesday to drastically reduce its military operations toward Kyiv and Chernihiv, following “substantial” Russo-Ukrainian negotiations in Istanbul.

After Mariupol in the south, Chernihiv is the city worst hit by bombing since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24.

On Tuesday, the city’s mayor said 350 people had been killed and more than 400 injured, mostly civilians, in Chernihiv.

According to the Interfax-Ukraine news agency, air defences shot down several missiles in the capital Kiev on Tuesday evening.

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