Germany: Suing AstraZeneca No Longer Yields Vaccines

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The German Minister of Health has been critical of a possible European lawsuit against pharmaceutical AstraZeneca.


That would not provide the EU with more doses of the company’s corona vaccine, Minister Jens Spahn said.

The relationship between the EU and AstraZeneca has soured because the pharmaceutical company has supplied far fewer vaccines than agreed for months. Insiders say the EU is considering taking the company to court, but not all member states are enthusiastic about that.

“It’s imperative to me that I get the vaccines,” Spahn stressed Friday. He said the EU should work with AstraZeneca to get as many doses as possible. Legal proceedings are not a priority, according to the minister.

Diplomats told the news site, Politico earlier this week that some five or six EU countries have expressed doubts about the potential lawsuit, including France and Germany.

“What can we do in a practical sense when AstraZeneca says, ‘come and see our factories. We just don’t have any vaccines,'” said one insider.

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