German Hairdressers Open Again Since Midnight

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German hairdressers can open their doors for the first time in months. They started cutting at midnight in some places, reports the newspaper Rheinische Post.


A politician whose turn it was immediately paid hundreds of euros for her haircut.

German hairdressing salons had to close in December to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Although the lockdown will last at least until March 7, the German authorities have already started to relax some corona measures. As a result, Germans can also get cut again from Monday.

According to a trade association, it is already a storm at hairdressing salons. More than 100,000 agreements have already been made in North Rhine-Westphalia, bordering the Netherlands, alone. Many hairdressers are already fully booked for the coming weeks.

After midnight, politician Sarah Philipp approached a hairdresser’s salon in Duisburg as the first customer. She paid 500 euros for the appointment at an auction, the newspaper writes. That amount goes to charity.

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