French President Receives German Leader Merkel in His Fortress

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French President Macron receives German leader Merkel at his fortress on the Mediterranean on August 20.


It is the first time that a French president has invited Chancellor Merkel to the summer residence on the Cote d’Azur, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports.

The department thus emphasizes the “exceptional character” of the meeting.

It will not be a holiday trip, but a working visit. The leaders of the two most powerful member states of the European Union will consider the corona crisis, the European budget, the consequences of the British exit from the EU, the explosion in Lebanon and other current affairs.

The fortress of Brégançon is located on an island between Toulon and Saint Tropez. Macron and his wife are said to love the historical complex that became presidential country retreat in the 1960s.

The President discussed Brexit here with the then British Prime Minister Theresa May and a year ago his Russian counterpart Putin was a guest on the island. In 1985 President Mitterrand received Chancellor Kohl there.

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