French Freedom Convoys Start Journey to Paris

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The first French truck drivers who wanted to hold a large demonstration in Paris against the corona measures on Saturday left Nice on Wednesday. Local authorities said a series of trucks with an estimated 150 protesters on board left early Wednesday morning.

According to the organization of the national protest, as many as 400 demonstrators have left Nice for Paris.

On Wednesday, demonstrators will also set out in Toulouse, Perpignan, Bayonne and Bordeaux. In the coming days, ‘freedom convoys’ will leave for the capital from many places. The protest is being carried out along the lines of Canadian truckers. They drove three long routes to the capital Ottawa to protest against all restrictions imposed in the name of public health.

The protest received massive acclaim along the route and peaked in Ottawa in late January. However, some of the demonstrators are still there to the annoyance of businesses and residents.

The Canadian provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Prince Edward Island announced in quick succession on Tuesday that they would quickly abolish all corona measures. The authorities in the provinces say this has nothing to do with the truckers’ protest. Instead, it has been decided because the measures appear to be pointless or ineffective.

According to the Prime Minister of Saskatchewan, the cure is now worse than the disease, and all measures will be discontinued as of February 14. Canadian media expects more provinces to follow suit soon.

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