France Will Introduce the Obligation to Wear Mouth Masks in Closed Public Spaces

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From next week, France will introduce the obligation to wear mouth masks in closed public spaces. This is what Prime Minister Jean Castex said.


Earlier this week, President Emmanuel Macron spoke of a mask requirement from August 1.

Castex said he had the idea that it is better not to wait and that the obligation will, therefore, apply from next week.

The country already should wear masks in public transport.

This will, therefore, also have to be done in closed public spaces. France has so far diagnosed more than 173,000 cases of the virus, and nearly 80,000 patients have now been cured. More than 30,000 carriers of the virus have succumbed to the consequences.

More than 480 corona patients are currently in critical condition. The virus has mainly hit the northeast along the Rhine and in and around the capital Paris.

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