France Remains Confident in Janssen and AstraZeneca Vaccines

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France remains confident in Janssen and AstraZeneca vaccines. There has been concern about both drugs because of the minimal risk of thrombosis that could arise with these vaccines, especially in young people.


The vaccine from the Leiden company Janssen is already approved in the EU. Still, the manufacturer is talking to the European Commission and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) about what should be done with the vaccines already supplied.

France is sticking to its plan to administer this drug to people over 55, a government spokesman said on Wednesday. The AstraZeneca vaccine is seen as “essential” in the fight against Covid-19, so vaccination continues.

Due to the possible side effects, the US has temporarily discontinued the vaccine from Janssen, a subsidiary of the American pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson. Denmark has also suspended its use and is even stopping AstraZeneca altogether.

The European Commission wants the EU to focus on vaccines based on so-called mRNA technologies, such as those of pharmaceutical companies Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna when purchasing corona vaccines.

This does not mean that no more contracts will be signed with manufacturers using a different technology, such as AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson.

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