France Captures French Terms for Video Games

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In France, some forty new terms have been established that should give gamers’ English professional jargon a French equivalent. Stop saying cloud gaming, but say jeu vidéo en nuage.


Video games have long ceased to be a niche product and they feel that too in the south of our country. That is why the Commission d’enrichissement de la langue Française has published a new set of official terms as an alternative to the often English-language ones.

For example, e-sports or pro-gaming will from now on become Jeu vidéo de compétition and a season pass is a passe saisonnier. A streamer is a joueur (or joueuse) and direct and if you get early access then that is accès anticipé. Rigging becomes squelettage and DLCs are contenu téléchargeable additional, although that may be abbreviated to CTA. You can read the full list of French terms here.

The French glossary may look a bit strange, but France has had a tradition of an officially highly standardized French language for several centuries. With the rise of the internet and a lot of English terms, this has not necessarily been relaxed, but modern words are regularly added to a French jacket.

We speak of a computer worldwide, but in France people have been talking about an ordinateur for decades, and if they steal your data via phishing, then you are a victim of Hameçonage. Now that gaming is much more prominent and pops up in various forms, that language is also getting a modified vocabulary.

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