Former “NCIS” Star Pauley Perrette: I am Terrified of Actor Mark Harmon

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Pauley Perrette (50) caused a furore as Abby forensic scientist in “NCIS” but left the series in 2018. The chance that she will ever return is non-existent, the actress now says on Twitter.


The reason?

She is said to be terrified of protagonist Mark Harmon (67), who plays NCIS agent Gibbs.

“No, I’m not coming back! Never! Please stop asking.” These are clear words from Pauley Perrette on Twitter, and the actress is equally clear about the reason for her decision. The Celebrity Insider reported NCIS Star Pauley Perrette Is Still ‘Terrified’, afraid he will attack me. I have nightmares about it. “

A few hours later, the actress posted a new message – which has since been removed – with more information about her comment. She also added some photos of a crew member who allegedly had to be sewn around his eye after an incident on the set.

“This happened to my crew member, and I fought like a wild one to prevent it from happening again. To protect my crew. And then I was physically attacked because I dared to say “no”? I also lost my job. “

Perrette already referred to those physical attacks in May 2018, although she did not mention names at that time. “I have been supporting anti-bullying programs for years,” she wrote. “But now I know because it happened to ME!

If it happens at school or work, where do you have to go? That’s horrible. I left — various physical attacks. I understand now. Stay safe. Nothing is worth compromising your safety. Tell someone. “

Harmon has not yet responded to Perrette’s indictment. CBS TV Studios, which makes “NCIS”, did give an announcement. “Pauley Perrette has done great at” NCIS “, and we will all miss her.

Pauley came to us a year ago with concerns about the workplace. We took the matter seriously and together with her search for a solution. We hold a safe working environment with all our TV shows in high regard.”

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