Fire in Tower Apartment Dubai During Sandstorm

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Fire in Tower Apartment Dubai During Sandstorm. In Dubai, fire rages in a residential tower. The fire brigade tries to fight the fire, while a sandstorm rages through the city.


State press agency Dubai Media Office reports that all residents have left the building. There are no injuries. The circumstances of the fire are still unclear. The outside of the tower block is severely damaged, posted by iStorify.

The building is located in Dubai Marina, the modern part of the city with many skyscrapers. In contemporary years, there have been more common fires in tower blocks. At the end of 2015, fourteen people were injured in a fire in the 63-storey high The Address Hotel. According to hotel guests, the fire alarm did not go off.

Last year, the fire safety regulations in Dubai were tightened up, so that high buildings with a combustible exterior have to install fire-resistant façade cladding.

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