FBI Arrests Possible Serial Killer: 25-Year-Old Suspected of Six Murders

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The FBI has arrested a man on suspicion of murdering six people in Missouri and Kansas. Perez Reed, 25, was arrested on a train between St. Louis and Kansas City.


Reed was carrying a semi-automatic weapon when he was arrested, the bullets matching those found in several shootings in and around St. Louis. The FBI describes him as a “possible serial killer” who allegedly killed four people in St. Louis, Missouri, and shot and killed two others in Kansas City, Kansas, in September and October. Two other victims were injured.

Several victims appeared to have been shot randomly in the street, such as the first victim just waiting at a bus stop in St. Louis in mid-September. He survived, but a day later, the body of a teenage girl was found dead in the same neighbourhood, with a bullet to the head. There were also deaths in similar shootings in the weeks that followed, each time with the same type of weapon.

The suspect, who lives in St. Louis, was arrested Friday without resistance, and according to his lawyer, he denies all charges, CNN and The New York Times reported. The data arrested Reed on his driver’s license, which he used to get into the apartment building of one of his victims. Surveillance footage of the building also showed a man with a tattoo on his forehead, matching Reed’s head.

Reed has been charged with murder, attempted murder and transporting a weapon across the state line with intent to commit a crime.

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