Exceptional Snow Weather Phenomenon in the South of France

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Unusual scenes in the South of France, for May. In four departments code, orange has been promulgated and warned of fierce snowfall. In some regions today, more than half a meter fell, and his roads closed. The snow, caused by a cold front, will also continue to fall into bins tonight and tomorrow. And, remarkably: while shivering is blown in France, Scandinavia is bathed in the sun.


Code orange has been declared for the Lozère, Cantal, Ardèche and Haute-Loire departments, in the south of the Massif Central, writes eBuzzFeed. Especially around Mont-Lozère, it has been snowing all day and cars have to be hoisted. The snow line is today at barely 800 meters; tonight they will move to 1,000 meters.

This month, cold days were broken for May. In the southern French city of Nîmes, the maximum temperature this morning was barely 8.6 degrees Celsius. Yesterday evening it also snowed abundantly above the Pyrenees.

Coincidence or not, since Friday and until Tuesday are the days of the so-called Ice Saints. It is popularly called in many countries that it can freeze until they have been passed.

Up to 25 degrees on the arctic circle
It is striking that while it snows in southern France, northern Europe experiences an unusually warm period these days. In the Finnish town of Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland on the Arctic Circle, it was heated to 25 degrees this weekend, thanks to a local high-pressure area. The average maximum temperature in May is only 11 degrees.

The whole of Scandinavia is currently bathed in the sun. Also in Groningen in the north of the Netherlands today it was 24 degrees.

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