“European Investigation Into Abuse Of Power By Apple”

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“European Investigation into Abuse of power by Apple will Start Soon.” The European Commission will launch a formal investigation into possible abuse of power by Apple in the coming weeks, according to reports.


The possible investigation follows a complaint from the music service Spotify.

According to Spotify, Apple is pulling its music service on iPhones, iPads and iPods.

According to three unknown sources involved in the potential investigation,

 the European Commission has looked at how Apple treats its customers and competitors.

After that, the European Commission would have decided to start a formal investigation.

Apple allows in the App Store the possibility to provide applications or subscriptions for a fee.

A portion of the purchase amount is then transferred to Apple.

In the beginning, Apple receives 30 percent.

This percentage drops the longer apps are available.

Spotify must also pay this amount for all subscriptions taken out from the iOS app.

The company, therefore, asked for a higher subscription fee for users of Apple devices for some time.

Apple Music does not pay a percentage
Apple’s music service Apple Music also offered on iOS.

Because this service is from Apple itself, the company does not have to pay the same 30 percent to another party.

Both companies have not yet responded to the rumours about the investigation.

Apple previously reacted to Spotify’s complaint by blaming the company of “misleading rhetoric.”

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