European Commission Again Approves A Merger Of Ziggo And UPC

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European Commission again Approves a Merger of Ziggo and UPC. The European Commission approves the acquisition of cable TV company Ziggo by Liberty Global under certain conditions.


The concentration was already confirmed in 2014 but was annulled in 2017 by the General Court of the European Union, reported by INC News.

The court found that the committee should have substantiated better why the merger of UPC with Ziggo would not be harmful to Dutch consumers. Liberty Global finally submitted a new application in Brussels.

That merger has already developed long and wide. The merged company Ziggo then, in turn, merged with the Dutch activities of Vodafone. VodafoneZiggo has already that it has confidence in a good outcome.

Before the transaction, Ziggo and Liberty Global were separate cable television companies that mainly provided fixed telecommunications services and whose activities in the Netherlands did not overlap.

They were most active in different parts of the Netherlands and did not compete for the same customers.

After a new investigation, the committee has again given its approval.

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